Align US is a unique mentorship opportunity to help foster career development for high school students. Align Us is an after-school program which helps students bridge classrooms to real world experiences. Students are immersed in one on one observerships with professionals in many fields/industries such as health care, business, technology, law, government, etc.

Student mentees are paired up with professional mentors from their respected industry, the students will have to complete 20 hours of mentorship over a course of 20 weeks to fulfill the program requirements

Our voluntary mentors will be professionals from various industries within the local communities.

Mentor opportunities will be available in various careers.

Students in grades 10 through 12 can apply

After being matched with your mentor, you will have day to day interactions with them and see what their work life consists of while gaining invaluable first-hand experiences in the career of your choice.

The meeting locations will be decided by the mentor and are mostly at the workplace of the mentor or public places i.e. library, cafe etc.

There is a nominal program fee and event fee.

It is the mentees responsibility to respect the mentors time. More than 2 unplanned absences will result in your replacement by an alternate student.

Due to time limitations, you will not be able to change fields mid session, however you will have the opportunity to participate in the next session.

You will be exposed to the profession you are interested in and your mentor will help guide you towards the field that’s right for you. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a certificate of completion and recognition at the commencement program.  As a product of Align US, you will have opportunities in various industries companies for summer internships. High school seniors will potentially be eligible to receive scholarships. You will gain transformative skills and be able to include this unique program on your college application.

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